Sports Nutritionists (specifically CSSD’s) are making their way into many organizations with coaches and staff considering nutrition as a component to increasing competitive edge. Nutriworks, Inc. can help your organization in any of the following ways:


Speak to your team.

We speak to teams regularly. The following are presentations we’ve given at organizations such as FC Dallas and Fort Worth Brahmas:

  • Fuel For Optimal Performance (any sport)
  • Get Serious About Hydration
  • Injury Prevention Nutrition
  • A new outlook when you’re grocery shopping on what foods help performance and which foods to stay away from
  • Nutrition for Endurance Sports (beginner and advanced)
  • All Coaches Need to Know for Great Performance
  • Nutrition for a PR


Complete this Speaker Request Form and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fax to 214-739-2221

What Others Are Saying:

“Just wanted to say thanks for coming out on Saturday in order to help the Fall Tri team understand how important nutrition is to their training and racing.  I think that they came away with some great information that they can put to use immediately.”
– Jake Oergel, Team-In-Training Triathlon Coach

“Thanks Eve!  I'll email with dates for you to return.  The parents loved it!”
– Carol Young, Texas Fury Basketball

“I know I can't speak for everyone, but I think you are the BEST (by far) speaker that I have ever had at the FWBA meeting.  You gave us a lot of
information with a lot of your own energy!”
– Jim Rimbey, Vice President of Fort Worth Bicycling Association

“In her four seasons (2007 through 2010) with FC Dallas, Eve proved to be a tremendous addition to our club. Her organized approach in working with the coaching staff in order to create specific plans for each individual player to address their problem areas be it weight loss, reduced body fat or muscle gain, proved to be successful.”
– Bobby Hammond, Director of Team Administration and Player Personnel with FC Dallas Professional Soccer


Consult for your team.

We have consulted for many teams. Consulting can be for a specific reason (i.e. combine training program, traveling nutrition plans, training table set up), an entire season, or many seasons to continue to improve performance.

Services for your team needs (all or some):

Group nutrition sessions (usually these are broken out into similar positions when possible)

Travel Nutrition (look up food options for athletes, make reservations, talk with hotel dining/chef)

Injury Prevention Nutrition (education for team)

Competition Nutrition (what to eat and not eat on game day)

Communicate with chefs/hotels/caterers when possible for home and away games

Assist with food/nutrition budget

Bring in the correct supplements for athletes for compliance with governing body

Menu planning/training tables/locker room food spreads


Call (214) 739-2223 for a quote.


Consult with individuals from your team.

It’s possible you may not feel like your entire teams needs nutrition guidance but you might have a few athletes that could benefit from it.
Refer to the services recommended for athletes under the athlete tab for this service.

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